MIDI Set List

Stress-free control over your performances using MIDI gear

With MIDI Set List, you can easily customize your set lists with precision, so you can focus on your music and deliver an unforgettable performance every time, even on gear that doesn't sport a "performance" mode.


MIDI Set List was designed around a simple idea: when you perform your instrument, you want to focus 100% on playing. Having to remember which MIDI program to switch to on which part of the song, or to reset the Modulation Wheel or Wah pedal to the zero position, takes mental resources and might hamper your performance. Even if your instrument or effect processor features a "performance" mode, many models limit the user to 6, 10, or any other arbitrary number of parts per song.

Complete control

MIDI Set List lets you control program changes and other MIDI controls on your external gear with ease.

Customizable patches

With MIDI Set List, you can create unlimited patches per song, with personalized settings and MIDI controller values per patch.

Fine-tune MIDI programs

Send additional MIDI control values after the program change event, such as modulation wheel, brightness or any other CC value.

Hands-free performance:

Control your set list without taking your hands off your instrument, by using a foot controller such as a Page Turner pedal, or any other device that can transmit HID arrow or page up/down events. MIDI Set List responds to incoming events and automatically changes patches as you perform, so you can focus on your music.

Additionally, any MIDI controller event can be mapped to next/previous patch, which allows you to use any pedal or switch connected to your gear, or any MIDI device that can be operated without the use of your hands, to control your set list position.

Seamless MIDI connectivity

MIDI Set List can connect to MIDI gear via iOS's and Android's native MIDI support, or using Bluetooth, allowing you to control your instruments and effect processors with ease.

Compatible Devices

MIDI Set List can control any MIDI equipment, such as a synthesizer, keyboard, or guitar effect processor. Devices with built-in Bluetooth MIDI support can be connected directly. Other devices may be connected using any of the following adapters, or adapters with similar functionality:

You can use any of the following page turner pedals or foot controllers, or devices with similar functionality, to control MIDI Set List:


MIDI Set List is available for download on the App Store or Play Store for free, allowing you to create unlimited songs with unlimited patches per song, and perform the first 5 songs. A one-time payment of $8.99 will allow you to perform all songs in your concert.

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